Egypt Travel Tips

Egypt Travel Tips..... Travel Divas 
1. Do not exchange your cash before you leave US. You don't have a big need for Egyptian Pounds as everywhere excepts US cash.
2. Bring at least $300 in one dollar bills for tipping and bargaining with street vendors. (They prefer US Dollars)
3. You will need a few dollars in Egyptian Pounds to purchase tickets to enter museums, temples and other attractions. But I suggest not getting a lot of them. You can exchange your US money at your hotels front desk.
4. Bring a hand fan or battery operated fan.
5. Bring sunscreen.
6. Bring a hat.
7. Bring toilet paper, wipes and sanitizer. Most public bathroom do NOT have toilet paper. Even in the airport.
8. Buy the oils from the perfumery. They last ten years and the scents are amazing.
9. No short, shorts. This is a Muslim country. Modest dress should be observed.
10. Be prepared to be harassed. It's a poor country and they try very hard to feed their families. You will have to tell the same person "no" five times before he walks away.
11. Pickpocketing is real in Egypt. Keep your belonging and valuables in front of you. Use a cross body bag.
12. Bring an umbrella to shade yourself and a very large brim hat.
13. Do not drink the water or brush your teeth with the water. Bring anti-diarrhea medicine to treat yourself if you get sick.
14. Egypt is a good place to purchase gold and Egyptian cotton. Be prepared to spend good money. These items are not cheap.
15. Alabaster Factories are great for picking up souvenirs. Be sure you leave with your souvenirs wrapped very well in bubble wrap and taped securely.
16. Arriving in Cairo International Airport, if you have a US Passport, you can obtain your VISA upon arrival for $25USD. You can pay with US Dollars, please have exact change. They will give you a sticker that will cover an entire visa page of your passport.
17. While eating in restaurants out in the city but sure to stay away from ice and raw fruits and raw vegetables for the likelihood of Montezuma's Revenge. Most hotels sand cruise liners have filtration systems and you are safe there but always ask.
18. The traffic is crazy in Cairo. No one can drive. 
19. Egypt is a smoking country. They smoke a lot and they can smoke everywhere. Ask for the non-smoking section but not sure if this would help any. Keep in mind you are not in States anymore. "When in Rome, do as the Romans."
20. Bring a credit card if you plan to purchase gold. Alert them before you travel.
21. You will need an electrical converter/adapter.

Hope this helps someone. Feel free to add more tips and notes by commenting on this post.

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